The O&G industry, on all its fronts, Upstream, Midstream, Downstream and Gas, has in its DNA exploring new frontiers, discovering, managing risks, developing new products, and seeking technological solutions to complex problems, coordinating, and connecting multiple disciplines to make megaprojects viable .

On this journey, it transformed the world throughout the 20th century, providing the energy to move civilization, improving the quality of human life, and reducing pressure on natural resources, connecting people and markets.
In Brazil, it moves a robust chain that directly and indirectly employs hundreds of thousands of people, generating quality jobs for highly qualified Human Capital, developing technology, contributing with taxes, and developing society.

With everything that was built, O&G capabilities and skills are ready to be used in a new transformation.
In the thematic axis “Industry of the Future”, Rio Oil & Gas 2022 invites those authors who see in the current O&G “capabilities” a vocation to accelerate the path to the future to use the platform provided by the event to give visibility to their ideas of how this industry offers a sustainable, safe, and innovative route as a protagonist to a new transformation.

By selecting the thematic axis Future of the O&G Industry you can go ahead and select one of the three highlighted themes: ESG, Digital Transformation, and Energetic Transition, choosing in the theme of each of them the one with the best affinity to link their work, but their work does not need to be restricted to these themes. Here we expect works that talk about strategic vision, risks, linking capabilities with new businesses, sustainability, ideas for extending the life of assets and new types of assets that leverage such capabilities and competences characteristic of the O&G industry, such as Operational Safety, Diversity and Quality of Human Capital, Deep Tech, Digital Solutions, implementation, and operation of large Capital projects, as well as marketing and logistics in highly complex assets.