ESG | Rio Oil and Gas 2022


Environment, Safety and Health Description:
The objective is to discuss aspects of environment, safety and health of the oil and gas industry, encompassing the upstream, midstream and downstream segments, as well as goods and service companies with direct or indirect operations in the sector.
With the objective of continuous improvement of performance in environment, safety and health, the theme proposed here seeks to capture:
• The best ideas, knowledge, studies and projects of academy and research institutes;
• Experiences, advanced business initiatives, prototypes, innovations and technologies under development in companies and startups;
• Know regulatory trends and good practices of organizations in Brazil and abroad,
that can also solve or build ways to face challenges related to environmental protection, accident prevention and health improvement, both from the technical point of view and from society’s demand.
Topics range from the formation of leaders committed to the culture of safety, preservation of the environment, to compliance with legislation, regulation, standards that contribute to prevent, reduce and mitigate the impacts of the activities of this industry.
Also part of this context are strategic and technical approaches related to the natural environment, predictability of investments, recovery, resilience, business management, operational excellence, cost effectiveness and how it could not fail to be concerns with the human being in all its health aspects.





Covid 19 stressed the solidarity of the Brazilian people and exposed the importance of corporate structures, networks, actions and social responsibility movements. All this allowed immediately different forms of humanitarian aid to materialize and multiply throughout the period of social isolation and loss of income of thousands of people living during the Coronavirus pandemic.
But the main long-term legacy that remains is the collective awareness that no one will overcome the challenges of social inequalities alone.
Therefore, the goal here is to encourage professionals from oil and gas companies, the supply chain of goods and services, government agencies, NGOs, civil society and universities to submit technical work describing “what have you done in the pandemic?”
It is also in the interest of the social theme, to discuss in this environment of partnerships that has been consolidated, the role of the oil and gas industry in the fair, inclusive and diverse social promotion; that respects, recognises and values environmental services; and to help preserve the rights of vulnerable traditional and public populations through good human rights practices.
But at the same time have a look at risk management, attraction of responsible investments, resumption of green economic growth, with generation of new jobs, better income distribution and socioeconomic development of the country. All this considering the best national and international instruments and tools that make the positive integration of financial aspects with those of sustainability.


Compliance, Leadership, People and Knowledge Management, Government Relationships, Reputation, Investments, Stakeholder Capital, Ethics, Transparency, Communication, Integrity, Innovation and Transformation, are relevant aspects observed in the construction of this corporate governance theme.
Based on the aspects mentioned, the objective is to promote the discussion about the management of oil and gas companies and their supply chain, through technical work, cases and practical experience, in the relationship with public policies, opinion makers and society, using the theme proposed here, as of greater relevance to this oil and gas industry.



Patrícia Pradal (coordinator)
Viviana Coelho (coordinator)
Ana Mandelli
Anderson Cantarino
Bruna Mascotte
Carlos Henrique Mendes
Carlos Victal
Eduardo Ferreira Kantz
Giovani Machado
Marcos Cantarino
Mariana França
Monique Gonçalves
Nadia Stanzig
Patricia Ruiz
Rafael Lemme
Rafaela Guedes Monteiro
Raquel Coutinho
Raquel Filgueiras
Rodrigo Otávio
Sonia Brotas Lima
Suzana Kahn
Thiago Pires
Consultor independente
Prumo Logistica
Leal Cotrim Jansen Advogados
Premier Oil

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